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Donna G.

I have known Sue for a few years now and have needed pictures for various purposes.  I've been having photos taken for performance for over 20 years, fitness for the last 10 and general publicity more recently to tie in with different aspects of my business, all of which require something a little different and I have never had a collection of shots like Sue has taken.


I flew from Scotland because I knew only she could capture the essence of what I needed 3 different projects at once and it feels great to have a photographer I trust this much with my own passions and life missions. Whether we are purposely setting up a theme or I am being snapped mid-movement, immersed in the activity, Sue has this natural insight and connection with my intention and vision, knowing exactly what to look for and wait for, working effortlessly with the environment to capture the energy of the moment and brings her own amazing ideas I hadn't considered, the outcome of which always has us "oohing and ahhing rather loud and excitedly". 

I am so thankful to you Sue for not only capturing these incredible pictures for me but also for your support, enthusiasm, passion, inspired creativity and vision, not to mention your patience, humour and fellow wild spirit that allows for the collection of photos I now have. And for the fire and momentum your photos have given me in my projects because I now have images that resonate with the content I want to provide and who I want to be, I am beyond grateful!  Thank you for sharing your talent, energy and beautiful spirit with the world!


Rene, Ryan & Family

We could not be any happier with the pictures that Sue captured for us. Sue is a wonderful person, spirit, and most of all photographer. She was able to provide not only wonderful pictures that we will have and cherish for years to come but she was able to give us an experience that we will remember for ages. She was so willing to work with us and the vision that we had but also bring to the table so many creative ideas and concepts. She was patient, caring and a wonderful collaborator to make all of our visualizations come to fruition. We were blessed with seriously one of the best portraits we have ever seen with vibrant colors, perfect focus, and a scene imagined by her that we are in awe at every time we see the photo. We highly recommend her for anyone that wants to capture the beauty of themselves or their loved ones.


Isabel & Family

When I asked Sue to take our family Christmas pictures last year, I expect our usual posing say cheese pictures! But that was not the case. She took the time to get to know my daughters and I.  Capture the true us! Which made our pictures beautiful! Of course I reached out to her for this years Christmas pictures! With the challenges of 2020! I wanted to capture my parents with us, as well as a gift to my mom! Once again Sue went above and beyond to capture the true us! From shots that weren’t even expected! When I received our pictures it truly brought me to tears! They were beyond my expectations! If you want the true you in your photos Sue is the without a doubt beyond talented! I can not Thank her enough for being  able to capture us and for just being genuinely an amazing person!


Mai N.

​​I’m so happy to have found Sue Plati to be the photographer for my recent photoshoot. Sue is awesome & talented. We got the connection right away! Her warm and energetic personality made me feel so comfortable during the shoot, allowing me to be myself and bringing the natural beauty to each photo. The location of my photoshoot was in a park, and thanks to her professional skills, I got the best spots as she captured the most beautiful light and the right angles for my photos. 
If you ever want an awesome and talented photographer, look no further, use Sue Plati.


Leilani K.

What can I say? Sue does amazing work. I have been a client of hers since the beginning. She has helped capture many Zumba events, my sons turning 1 photos, and most recently capturing moments with my love in the most beautiful location. She never disappoints! During your session Sue will make you feel comfortable. She is easy to work with and open to suggestions. Her warm inviting personality makes the entire experience amazing! You won’t feel any awkwardness because she’s so down to earth and loveable. I’m definitely bringing her to Hawaii ..IF.. a marriage happens! Thank you Sue for just being an amazing soul! I cherish the photos you have taken for me. 


Denise F.


At almost every point in our lives, the most precious possession we ever own are our photographs. I tasked Sue Plati with my daughter's senior year photo shoot.  It didn't take much for her to understand what we wanted. In fact, I think she understood it better than we did.  Through her lens, Sue captured not only that point in time but also a glimpse at a future self that gave my daughter both purpose and perspective.  Sue's photography, whether it be portraiture, candids or stillscapes (a particular strength) evokes a dreaminess that gives her work both depth and permanence.  She uses her camera like a paintbrush and the environment like a palette using them to express the very quality one wants in their photographs - timelessness.  Her dedication, her gentle care with my daughter and her preparedness both in and out of her studio yielded the most meaningful photography our family has ever had.  She absorbed the very essence of my child - past, present and future...and her work will be our treasures always.


Jacquise S.


You've heard of a dream catcher - well Sue Plati is a "soul" catcher! She has a talent that allows her to make time stand still through her lens, capturing true, authentic, real pictures. I first saw her work on social media, and I was drawn to how perfectly perfect these real people and places were depicted. What I saw was incredibly diverse talent; you can feel the essence of what she saw behind her camera. I would not consider myself photogenic, and taking pictures for me isn't the most fun thing, but with my job comes a necessity for head shots and photos. 


First, we met at this awesome location, super early in the morning. I loved that it was all about the best lighting - already I felt, wow, professional! Second, whoa! It all felt so easy, so real, so natural (no awkwardness), just very comfortable.  The experience was additionally fun, and there were no boundaries. It was the most professional shoot I've ever had, before, and just through the whole process to the finishing touches!  . . . with so much love and care. It is evident that Sue LOVES what she does, and truer that she loves people and places, and has this incredible happy, easygoing nature! 


Lastly, When I got the pictures back, it was the first time "ever" that I loved seeing myself. I had to select a headshot, and some for some fitness media; I did not know which to select because of the many choices (that has never happened). My mom, the one I can turn to for "complete honesty" said, "so much to choose from!"  Sue Plati has a talent that is expressed through ensuring satisfaction. And I tell you, it's satisfaction guaranteed from this amazing human being! 


Thank you, Sue Plati, you are "the best!" I am so thankful to have experienced your talent, to know you, and I am looking forward to the time that I need to do this again!


Shona M.

There are some moments in life where words cannot  adequately express the depth of our feelings of gratitude.  Sue you are an amazing lady who has not only made my daughter's dream come true but given us the most beautiful experience and memories we will treasure forever. 


Sue is so super talented at her art and has such a beautiful presence allowing the experience to flow so freely . Sue’s photos are out of this world. Sue captured my child’s true spirit and nature, to be able to do that takes a very special person and Sue you are one very special lady.  

My daughter felt so free to be herself and express herself and watching her flow so freely was so special and that is part of the magic that Sue creates. To be able to capture  beautiful photos that visualise the whole experience as if we were  back there in that very moment takes exceptional talent and Sue brings this with every ounce of her being. Sue we are forever grateful to you.


Iliamari H.

I absolutely love how our pictures have turned out each time. Sue is able to capture our family in such a beautiful and captivating way. She can see our love for each other and turn it into such an amazing piece of art. Sue is the kindest, most gracious person I have met, and truly genuine! Sue takes her time, and captures the best pictures I could ever imagine. My heart is always so happy when I see the moments she was able to freeze in time for us. My family and I will continue having Sue capture our moments as long as she will have us.


Jessica M.

I’ve seen Sue’s photos over the years and always admired her artistry. I’m not very comfortable being photographed, so I usually shy away from any type of photo shoot - particularly with a skilled photographer. I happened to catch a recent series of Sue’s photos, and I was so taken aback by them that I thought to myself, “I need to go for it and schedule a session.” Needless to say, I was nervous leading up to the shoot - and even feeling a bit of insecurity. Sue was wonderful. She talked to me about how I felt and eased me into the shoot. She was patient and kind - and she helped me to feel empowered. By the end of the shoot, I felt more confident and 100% at ease. I just received my picture library, and now I have the incredible artistry that I’ve seen all these years. I’m over the moon excited, and I can’t wait to do another session.


Danielle O.

I just want to start by saying Sue Plati is one amazing human being inside and out. She is incredibly gracious with her craft, always willing to volunteer her time to our fitness community while capturing our favorite moments from each event.  Not only does Sue have an unmatched eye for catching special moments in an event setting, but she is a true magician during individual and group photo shoot sessions. Sue made me feel so comfortable and helped coach me through our entire session together.  Sue, thank you for being YOU.  

If you are looking for a total photography experience with a beautiful end product that captures your dreams  - contact Sue!


Beth P.


I'm not at all surprised how amazing these look because I know how ridiculously talented you are. But there's something about these that really hold a special place in my heart because as I've grown up these last few years I've considered myself less of a dancer. But these, they captured some of that dance spirit I still have in my heart well actually... In my soul. Yesterday & every day I get to work with you is such a joy & honor. Thank you for inviting me to do this!!!!! I literally am going to cry now that I washed my feet 😂 & made it through my 5:30 class this am. 


Greg & Janis P.

We were overwhelmingly surprised with the level of creativity in Sue Plati's photographs. She is passionate about people and seems aware of the incredible uniqueness of each person she photographs. Rather than having a 'cookie cutter' session, Sue created pieces of art that reflect the true heart of each individual in our family. They are pictures we will cherish forever. Thank you! Greg and Janis Pargas


Suzanne S.

Sue is such an intuitive photographer. She can capture the most authentic moments and make you look amazing too! I have been a fitness instructor for over 10 years and there are some photos of me on social media I wish I could ‘untag' HA! I never feel like untagging Sue’s photos of me. She has a present, calming nature, which makes the photoshoot experience comfortable and fun! A true artist with skills that surpass anything you could imagine.


Donna A.

Sue is amazing!!! My son could not be happier with his pictures. Sue took the time to get to know me and him. She was able to capture the best part of him in every picture. She is definitely someone you want to get to know and work with when photos mean so much to everyone. Thank you Sue Plati for taking your time and doing such an absolutely fabulous job on Jonathan’s Senior Photos! They were a highlight of his graduation celebration!!!


Hollie M.

Full transparency? When I have done photo sessions in the past I’ve been a little nervous and kind of self conscious. Especially in the beginning. With Sue there wasn’t any space for that, even before the first shutter click she had me laughing and feeling completely comfortable in my own skin. She showed up as her beautiful, authentic self and just by being in her presence I immediately felt at ease and ready to go. I really enjoyed watching her artistic creativity and natural spirit as she captured pieces of me I’d never seen before. I highly recommend this talented human for all of your treasured moments.


Annie G.

My shoot with Sue was an absolute blast. She has the  warmest personality that instantly made me comfortable and ready to take pictures! She is professional and fun all at once. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants beautiful photos. She listened to my vision spot on and took her time, which is so nice. Check her out!


Michelle S.

I am so thankful Sue was able to attend my baby shower and capture my precious moments. Sue is a beautiful sweet soul and blended in with my family and friends to get the best candid photos. I am beyond happy with all the wonderful photos I have to remember my perfect day!


Susan L.

Sue Plati captured all the magical moments of pure love during my engagement photo shoot.  She was able to embed the organic beauty and blend it with what we felt at that moment: joy and affection.

Working with Sue was a pleasure.  She was professional but easy-going.  She had us feeling comfortable and relaxed the entire time.  I highly recommend Sue Plati as an event and nature photographer.  She will capture and preserve memories to last a lifetime.


Marissa W.

Sue Plati is one of the most creative, talented and thoughtful photographers in the Phoenix area. Sue has an innate ability to capture the essence of any individual she photographs. I have had the honor and privilege to work with her for my fitness and yoga photo shoots. 

I absolutely recommend her to all my friends!


Rafa R.

Every year around Christmas I throw out an event to help the kids of child crisis Arizona to help raise funds and toys for those in need. I usually request a photographer to capture those magical moments of all of us and the people that  contribute towards the event. I found Sue to be not only the perfect fit for the photographs but the perfect person to capture all of our memories. She captures the perfect memories in every single shot, while she does this she interacts with people making feel them very comfortable. She donates her valuable time for this great cause  to dedicate to these special kids. Sue is not only a photographer she is a caring and beautiful person inside and out. I always look forward to celebrating those special moments with her. I wish to have her every year being part of this great cause.

Gracias Sue desde el fondo de mi corazón!



Heather V.

Working with Sue has been such a great experience. Her sincerity and passion really shines in how she treats her clients. She was open and genuinely excited for the concept I had for my shoot and brought it to life in such a beautiful way. She allowed me to lead the way the day of my shoot and valued my input on scenery and the look of the images. It was truly a team effort because she was in constant communication with me verifying which shots and editing styles appealed most to me to make sure I was 100% happy with the final outcome. I cannot wait to work with her again!


Jessica A.

Sue Plati makes me feel like a fitness rockstar every time she takes my photo at an event or scheduled shoot. I always feel comfortable and confident working with her and I always love how her photos turn out. She effortlessly captures magic moments, every hair flip, every smile, and happy memories with the snap of her lens. I never hesitate to recommend her services to friends who are in search of a photographer. She has a brilliant eye and everyone who has the opportunity to connect with her and books her for a shoot will not be left disappointed! 


Joan P.

Sue is Incredible!! She made us comfortable taking Our Family Pictures. Memories Forever ❤️ Sue, Thank  You,



Moreau Family 

We take our yearly family pictures and wanted someone to take fun family photos, I  found that with Sue Plati photography.  Sue’s very professional and was  easy to work with throughout our whole session.

We got our pictures back within a few days and we are happy with the quality of editing that went into all the pictures.  We are looking forward to next year’s pictures and will choose to have Sue take them.



Nikki D.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I felt everything from tired and swollen to irritated and uncomfortable. Sue was able capture all the wonderful of my pregnancy in stunning still aspects. Not only are her photos brilliant, but her professionalism, patience and talented eye has given us a memory to cherish forever. Highly recommended.

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