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Q&A -get to know me and

my business a little!

What to Expect?

Those who have chosen me as their photographer will share how I keep things very casual, very comfortable during our shoots.  I'm very laid back & 100% present and on it, but I don't like to rush or feel rushed. Taking our time allows us to connect, to play, and to bounce ideas. This is a collaboration between us, to create memories as we enjoy the moment, instead of forcing a moment for the sake of a photoshoot. For this reason all services begin at a minimum of 1 hour.



Photo Credit: the incredible Eric Elmore



Hi, I’m Sue!  Welcome to my internet home of all the beautiful places & people I’ve been fortunate enough to capture! Photography is my passion & I'm grateful I get to pursue it & honoured to share a little of you & your family’s journey as I capture your special moments in life!


Being behind the camera makes me truly happy! To find that special connection between my lenses and who/what is in my focus at a certain moment or photoshoot, not only capturing a photo, but the energy behind it, creating an environment where it is comfortable, casual, and everyone involved can feel free and be themselves, being able to remove the 'camera' part of the shoot and find themselves open is why I love what I do! But...I am quite camera shy, although I've been working hard on changing that!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions & I look forward to collaborating with you!

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